Weblog #2 – Up and Running

I’ve been wanting to create a web page to associate with my Youtube channel for a while now but… well, you know, youtaites, procrastination, deadlines… yeah.

But! we are all set up now 🙂

Things are pretty basic. I can’t say I’m super thrilled about the basic layout but it gets the job done. Most notably, you can find a list of all of my covers as well as links to all of my translyrics in the navigation pane above. As always, feel free to use my lyrics however you wish for non-commercial purposes, as long as you give me credit to my channel!

I’ve been doing most of my communication via my audioblogs and via tweets. However, I previously decided that my audioblogs would be every fourth Youtube upload and I hate writing essays via tweets. With this blog, I can talk about your typical Youtaite woes but hopefully also have some more meaningful types of thoughts.

Until next time, take care!


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