Weblog #3 – Kokoro ga Sakebidasu

If you have not already seen my previous upload, you can check it out here. Very soon, I’ll be uploading my next video, which is also a #kokosake song.

With each video I upload, I always write a blurb in the description about its significance. But did you know that there is a word limit on these descriptions? I know… because I’ve reached that limit before.

I wanted to write about this upcoming video, a chorus of “Kokoro ga Sakebidasu / Anata no Namae Yobu Yo” (My heart begins to shout / I will call your name). It is actually a mashup and parody of Beethoven’s Sonata Pathetique with Over the Rainbow. As is my usual practice, I rewrote it with English lyrics while keeping the meaning of the original.

(And yes… this is a group chorus of English translyrics based on a Japanese anime song which is in turn based on Beethoven and The Wizard of Oz. Inception much?)

I can’t stress enough how much I loved the movie itself. On some levels, it seems like another silly high school love drama but it can be so much more meaningful then that.

“The greatest sin one can commit in this world is to hurt people with your words”
– Naruse Jun

This song really speaks to one of the core ideas in the movie. The world can be a hard place. Many times, external circumstances and internal struggles force you to keep your thoughts to yourself – or, as in the movie, literally keep your mouth shut. But while words can be hurtful, they can also inspire us. One of the original lines in this song says: anata ni oshierareta totemo utsukushii kono sekai

“You taught me the beauty of this world”
– Anata no Namae Yobu Yo

We can learn so much from this simple movie. Maybe you are the one who has shut herself in – it might seem impossible, but there are people out there who will lift you back up if you let them. Maybe you have used your words to put others down – as you will see in the movie, people who say terrible things can be capable of great good. Or perhaps you are beginning to realize that you can offer the right words to inspire someone else. Don’t overthink it. Let your heart do the talking!

As always, you can check out the lyrics to my upcoming video here. You’ll see that they are super simple.

Until the next time, take care!


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