Weblog #5 – Why we do it…

I’ve been a “youtaite” for almost two years now. This journey was full of ups and downs. My first positive comment. My first “dislike”. My first time being asked to collaborate. My first time being ignored while requesting a collaboration. Very soon, I’ll be hitting a personal subscriber milestone. But before I get there, I can’t help but think about why I do this.

For myself, this is strictly a hobby. I have a full time job that allows me to do this. But this means that what I do here is on my spare time. During my first year, it was purely magical. Writing lyrics and putting up covers… receiving feedback and meeting new people… everything was so new and it didn’t matter that my covers came out pitchy or with nasty EQ.

Developing the technique of writing, singing, mixing and even making videos and subs has turned me into somewhat of a perfectionist. Or… rather, it has revealed the perfectionist in me. (Aren’t we all that way?). Sometimes, I feel like it’s not OK just to have fun doing this. Everything has to be perfect. Polished. All the bells and whistles, whether they be multi-part harmonies, fancy animations with visualizers and spot-on casting, must be executed properly.

I didn’t notice this change, to be honest. Being the perfectionists we are, I think we all push ourselves this way and sometimes, being a youtaite can be just kind of stressful. Maybe I’m just speaking for myself but I hope some of you can identify with it.

Anyway, I offer no solutions to life’s problems. But by reflecting in writing, I hope that we can all understand ourselves better and continue to enjoy this amazing hobby (or career, for some of us) that we find ourselves in.


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