Weblog #7 – Ambiguity Avoidance

In case you didn’t know, my next cover is Ambiguity Avoidance, or “Disambiguation” by Police Piccadilly. Lyrics are here.

I seem to do a ton of love songs, as far as translyrics go. I’m a little surprised by that, since I usually pick a song before even reading the translation. Still, with this song, I’ve done it again. And an UTAU song, no less. Perhaps it is simply because love and heartache is one of those universal things that almost everyone experiences?

The “ambiguity” in the song is exactly that… ambiguous. At times, it refers to loving someone that you simply can’t be. At other times, it refers to a relationship being built on lies. Other times still, it refers to feelings that have not found words and therefore remain unclear.

Regardless, nearly everyone will run in to ambiguity in their relationships. Until we share a collective hive mind, that is a guarantee. Your favourite high school anime drama certainly wouldn’t be the same without it.


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