Weblog #9 – Sign of Love

It’s been a long time coming. If you haven’t see it yet, my latest upload is a chorus of Koi no Shirushi (Sign of Love). Or well… it will be going online tomorrow.

Some thoughts about the video itself…

  • After being involved in several choruses, I’ve discovered how hard it is to wait for lines. People just have real lives to live and singing for internet strangers is often not a priority. Regardless, I feel terribly for CB participants, especially mixers and animators, who have to wait through this stuff.
  • Along those lines, I’ve discovered the wonders of creating harmonies artificially. Why wait for your vocalists to send it to you when you can build it yourself? Granted… the sound quality isn’t as good as a clean vocal but when you’re in a time crunch, it works!
  • I’ve been using Hitfilm 4 Express for the past two covers. Aside from being able to add a visualizer to my covers with ease, I can now see why youtaites go out of their way to create really fancy animations. Sure, it’s a ton of work that doesn’t make your singing any better, but it sure as heck improves the overall experience of the video. But… until I can draw, I’ll probably stick to doing the simple effects.

Onto the song and the series…

In case you didn’t know, Koi no Shirushi is the ending theme of the anime adaptation of The World God Only Knows. I actually never watched it… rather, I read the manga. The plot description reeks of stereotypical shounen harem but it is actually quite good. The best part of it is that the main character, Keima, has some complexity to him. I absolutely cannot stand it when the shounen protagonist is a one-dimensional character with a one-track mind who manages to pull through every situation because of determination. Keima is someone who is intelligent, kind of dark, and selfless but does not ask for our pity. That is respectable.

The song is sung from the perspective of the female characters in the story. I think it is actually quite sweet. Although the story describes Keima’s interactions with these girls as “conquests”, he never takes advantage of them and, if anything, sacrifices his own personal happiness for their sake. For these characters to sing back to him that they will be there for him and that they acknowledge the “sign of love” he showed them is very touching to me.

To be frank, I’m extremely proud of these lyrics. This song was VERY hard to write. There was a ton of Engrish and some very difficult rhythm to accommodate – I had a ton of help and ideas from AoY, bless her. The imagery, though, was lovely. I think mostly the picture of Keima standing by a water fountain, the droplets of water catching the light and creating rainbows… I really enjoyed writing that out in a singable way. Hopefully it shows!


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