Weblog #11 – Thank you for Two Years

In case you missed my recent combined audioblog and cover of Shelter, check it out here.

2014-15-10: I uploaded my first ever English cover of an anime song. It sounds terrible but you can still find it on my channel. It’s the one that traditionally starts with “Jibun woooooooooo”


My second youtaite year was very different from my first. At the end of my first year, I reflected on focusing on what is fun for you and interacting with the community. I still believe in the importance of “fun” and “community” but my perspective has grown a little.

This year, I watched Love Live! and Love Live! Sunshine!! Noting the obvious theme of being the underdog and doing your best no matter what, the theme of friendship resonated strongly within me.

IRL, I’ve always been an introvert but have no trouble interacting with others. This creates the conundrum of a mountain of relationships without a ton of close friends. The youtaite community is so big and can feel the same way – tons of people that you cannot necessarily share your sincere feelings with.

Fortunately, that changed this year after meeting a pair of very special individuals. Now, I can always vent to someone when I receive poorly-organized collab requests and horrendous raws for mixing 😉 You can check out my video for the details.

In all seriousness, I’m glad to be accepted for who I really am: a try-hard perfectionist with zero tolerance for stupidity and unhealthy levels of otaku blood in me.


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