Weblog #12 – Childlike Dreamer

Wow! Has it really been over 2 months since my last post? My apologies – life has been busy.

As is my newest custom, I am writing this post to go along with my latest upload, a group chorus of Mijuku Dreamer from Love Live Sunshine. I know I’m a week late to the party but better late than never.

I’m a sucker for the sappy stuff when it comes to storytelling. Love Live SIP is sappy like no tomorrow and Sunshine was no different. For the first half of Sunshine, I had to raise my eyebrows at Mari, Dia and Kanan – what was the point of these characters? But after watching their backstory and seeing their reconciliation in Episode 9, I fell in love with every one of them.

Even though it is a simple story, I find it to be very compelling because it is not that far off from reality. Friendships were damaged because of misunderstandings and those friendships were mended because of honesty and communication.

It used to be that I could speak with my friends either in person or on the phone. And perhaps by passing notes in class. Nowadays, we “communicate” with our “friends” via tweets and Facebook wall posts. With thousands of friends zero effort needed to send an instant message, it truly cheapens the friendships that we supposedly have.

This is why Sunshine was so powerful to me. In a seaside town where technology is not the center of the world, three friends were able to see each other face to face, spill their thoughts and emotions, and make amends.



(So he says writing into a blog ahem)


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