Weblog #13 – Drama

A lot of people have talked to me about their chorus battle experiences. There is also no shortage of ranting that you’ll find on twitter and Facebook. Despite CBs being meant as fun community events, there always seems to be drama surrounding them.

After asking around, there are two common issues I’ve observed.

The first, is your ability to deliver on your commitments. Let’s face it – we community members are, on average, terrible at time management. Balancing school/college with personal and family lives is hard enough as it is. Throw in this maso-tastic hobby of ours and what can you really expect? All I can say is… please… do not over-commit.

The second issue is that of pride. We’re all amateurs. Most of us are terrible at singing and mixing. A small fraction of us are good. If you receive critical feedback or a different opinion, please just accept that maybe it is legit. You may have taken “lessons” in music growing up, or maybe you’re in some band, or you might be a music major … but there is always someone better than you and other people’s critiques matter. Suck it up and grow from it.

Anyway, even if you have a bad experience with a CB, remember that it is am opportunity for you to get to know more people while honing your skills. Don’t dwell in the negatives!


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