Weblog #14 – Listen now to our Youth

Once again, I come at you with a Love Live cover! This one was literally half a year in the making, mostly because I procrastinate

This song holds a special place in my heart because it is the first Love Live ending. I know, not a particularly special reason, but whenever an anime series really jumps out at me, every little detail becomes more meaningful.

For the hardcore fans amongst you, you’ll notice that I changed the scripting a little, which is the first time I’ve done such a thing. Usually, both verses are a series of trios and duets, but I re-jigged it so that every one of our talented vocalists would receive a solo!

The song itself is about the magical time that is your Youth (seishun).  This was actually a very interesting song to write for – I did a bit of research around the word “seishun” (lit blue/green spring) and what it meant. It turns out that although it does refer to “youth”, it carries a lot more connotations with it in the Japanese culture. In Japan, it refers to a period of time where everything is fresh and new, even romantic. It carries a certain weight of nostalgia with it. And so, rather than just being about “when we were teens”, this song carries a much more reflective meaning to it.

Of course, since I’m mad old, it probably is more meaningful to me than it does to half of the audience, who are younger. It’s hard to be nostalgic about the time you’re living in right now, isn’t it?

I leave this as is, then. Please enjoy our chorus, leave a comment and let me know your thoughts about “seishun” and what it means to you!




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