#15 – Putting our dreams to a song

At long last, the channel’s third Love Live cover is released!

The past 6 months has been really crazy. Idol Hell is an interesting experience. I’ve worked with so many people, not just on my own channel, but on other collaborations and even a CB. It has been so much fun.

This song was a lot of fun to work on. It is extremely fun and light-hearted and I found that those verses (with playful phrases like “yoohoo” and a loud “HAPPY”) really contrasted the chorus, which had a more of a forward-looking feel to them.  And… as always, I was very liberal with my lyrics. Some of these phrases barely resemble the original lyrics. However, that is my style and I find that I’m able to tell a good story that keeps the spirit of the original that way.

Now some of you may be wondering, “what is next?” or “what about this song?”

The truth is, all three of these covers took several months to complete. Writing for Mijuku Dreamer began in November, with the final release being in February. Likewise, Kitto Seishun went from December into May, while Yume Kataru went from January to June! That’s… 4-6 months for each release.  This also explains why I often don’t get “new” songs out in full 9-person-chorus ENG format. The time it takes to write, recruit, script, record and mix is tremendous.  I applaud those who are able to do it quickly!

Anyway, this has been one hell of a ride. I imagine my channel will return to Love Live in the future. I will still be participating in other Love Live choruses as well, though my own channel will be taking a turn to do other anime and Vocaloid. Will you come with me for the journey? Until next time!


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